The Clio Certified Consultant Program

A win-win for our customers and Clio consultants.

Become a certified consultant

What is it and who’s it for?

Designed to help lawyers get the most out of Clio, the CCC Program personalizes our customers’ experience in learning the app. Consultants are third-party partners who are located across the United States and around the world. For customers, they’re valuable points of contact trained in every aspect of using Clio, and for potential CCCs, the program could be a way to expand a legal consulting business.

Become a certified consultant

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The benefits of being a Certified Clio Consultant.

More and more lawyers and law firms are reaping the benefits of the cloud to run their businesses. You can help your clients embrace this technology and get them up and running with the best web-based legal practice management solution available. It’s free to get certified as a CCC, and we give you 30 days to complete the training modules that will get you up to speed with Clio.

Why become a Clio Certified Consultant?

  • Grow your consulting business by adding new value for your clients with Clio.
  • Earn sales commissions on registered leads that turn into customers.
  • Get priority access to our support, technical, and development teams.
  • More business opportunities: we refer our CCCs to customers who need extra help.
  • Get access to regular partner webinars to learn more about Clio.
  • Learn about our integration partners and the potential for further revenue streams.
  • Reach our Gold tier to gain access to even more resources and leads.
  • Clio is very easy to use. I’ve done a lot of training with lawyers but other than getting them comfortable with working in the cloud, I don’t really have to do a lot when it comes to helping them transition to Clio.

    – Adriana Linares

  • Clio has been instrumental in developing a solid platform for my firms that demand the best in a web-based solution. My client base with this software has grown substantially over the last five years, which translates into a big win for my clients and my company through consulting fees and software commissions.

    – Richard Marx

Who would benefit from becoming a Clio Certified Consultant?

If you’re an IT consultant with legal clients, or just work with lawyers and law firms on a daily basis, the CCC program is designed for you. It’s also a good way to grow your legal consulting business and add a leading SaaS product to your repertoire.

By becoming a CCC, you can help your legal clients become more productive and successful by offering and guiding them to master a tool that’s designed specifically for legal professionals.

Become a certified consultant

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