Company Story

Company Story
Rian Gauvreau COO & Founder
Jack Newton CEO & Founder

Clio is a completely new approach to legal practice management.

Jack and Rian are childhood friends who met at elementary school in Edmonton.The pair became fast friends and later in life, got into business together. And failed.

They eventually both got jobs, but never let go of the dream of starting their own business. So, they tried several other business ideas which also failed.

Taking a New Approach to Legal Management Software

Building a product

It wasn’t until years later that they developed Clio. Utilizing cloud computing, which was a completely new concept, and smart UI design, Clio took a completely new approach to legal practice management.

Jack and Rian worked tirelessly to evolve Clio into the product it is today, taking occasional breaks to consume ramen noodles.

On the road to Vancouver

Eventually, a solid product began to take shape and Clio gained traction. A lot of it. They moved to Vancouver to open a very small office.

Now Clio operates out of a much larger office, but the core tenets of risk-taking, collaboration and innovation still keep the pair going.

Clio is one of the fastest growing start-ups in Vancouver

With a product that is saving thousands of lawyers millions of hours around the globe and a passion for innovation and technology, Clio continues to grow and evolve now employing over 90 employees and opening a second office in Toronto. As more and more legal professionals use Clio to save time and be more efficient, Clio continues to evolve and innovate to use digital technology towards more efficient Legal Practices.

Everyday with Clio, our customers

6000 Complete around 6,000 tasks.
25000 Create around 25,000 contacts.
5000 Receive around 5,000 payments.
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