Meetup with Clio

Clio is made for lawyers on the go, so it’s only fitting that we actively meet up with lawyers and customers all across North America to get some insight on how they use Clio to improve their practice. In the past several months, we’ve travelled to 10 cities to talk to customers—current, new, and future—about their practices and their businesses.

And that’s just the beginning. Over the next few months, we’ll be hitting the road to host Clio Meetups in even more cities. Here’s a brief list of cities we are planning on visiting in the next few months. If we’re coming to your city or nearby, make sure you sign up to grab a bite and meet with the Clio team. We love getting to know you and taking your feedback in person!

Keep an eye out for future Clio Meetups on these dates and in these cities:



We’re also looking to come to Minnesota in December.

So what’s in a meetup? Over the past few months, we’ve been travelling to cities across the United States and Canada to connect with Clio customers, and even legal professionals who are just interested in improving their practices. It’s been a great road trip—and an equally great opportunity for our customers to learn more about Clio and how it can improve their productivity. Like any software or practice management platform, there are always new things to learn and attendees at our meetups have learned a ton from each other and the Clio team.

Clio Meetup Blog Post

Some other cities we’ve already hit up? Portland, San Diego, Boston, Orlando, Toronto, Denver, Omaha, Seattle, Saint Louis, Nashville, New York, Morristown, Philadelphia, Charleston, and Vancouver. Whew. And we’re not even close to being finished yet.

If you’re interested in hosting a future Clio Meetup or want to know when one will be coming to a city near you, get in touch with Daniela Szary. See you soon!