Iowa Lawyers Love Clio

Iowa Lawyer May 2013 Cover

Iowa Lawyer May 2013 Cover

In the May 2013 issue of the Iowa Lawyer, three lawyers review Clio after using it for at least six months.

Each lawyer loved how Clio was “easy to use” with “incredibly fabulous” customer service.

One lawyer, Eric Bidwell, made note of how easy it was for him to review client files using Clio, even when he was out of town.

“By taking my iPad and a yellow pad (actual paper), I could be productive,” he said. “Thanks to Clio, I had access to client phone numbers and email addresses with- out having to call the office or plan ahead.” 

Another lawyer, Mio Santiago, mentioned how Clio made it easy for him to capture time and increase his revenue.

“Failing to capture all of your time can be devastating to a practice. Clio allows you numerous ways to track, record and review your time,” Mio said.

Santiago also says he sees no issue with firms of six, 10 or even 12 attorneys using Clio. 

The three attorneys also have advice for other attorneys who are thinking about using the program.

“Just do it,” Graham says. “If you have any issues at all, there is someone at Clio who is ready and able to help you over the phone. I’ve spoken to a couple of people, and they’ve been excellent.” 

We extend our thanks to Eric Bidwell, Mio Santiago, and Kimberly Graham for using Clio to improve their practice and also for giving an honest review.

You can read the full article here.

Iowa Lawyer Magazine Clio Article – May 2013


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