#ClioTraining Tip: Using Clio’s Quick-Start Timers to Accurately Capture Time

time-keepingKeeping track of time when you’re busy is now even easier with Clio’s “quick-start” timer. You can use Clio’s “quick start” timer to start timers on the fly without entering matter or description information.

Let’s say you are running into a meeting, or your client calls and you want to capture the time accurately but you are in a hurry. No problem. You can access Clio’s “quick-start” timer while in any tab in Clio. Just look for “Timekeeping” on the right-hand side.

 To start a timer, hover over “No timer running” and click to bring up the Timekeeper box.


In the Timekeeper box, click on the “+” symbol to start your timer.



It’s that easy! Your timer is running and you are in your meeting.



Once your meetingis over you can then go and edit your time entry to add in your matter and description details.

 To edit the time entry, click the edit icon.



Now you can enter in the details of the time entry and click Update Time Entry. Your new time entry is ready to be billed.

Using Clio’s “quick-start” timers gives you the ability to always capture billable time accurately.