#ClioTraining Tip: Working with Email Addresses

Changing your email address? No problem. Here is a guide to make sure you update everything you need in Clio for a seamless transition.  

Update Email Address

Since Clio is a cloud-based application, your email address is the key to getting information in and out of the system. To update this email address, click the “Your Information” icon under Settings: 

Update the email address under “Primary Email:”

Once you’ve updated your Primary Email, you also need to update any of the reminders you previously set up.  Although this task may seem daunting, it is extremely important if you no longer have access to the old email.  If you still have access to your old email address then updating reminders is up to you, although we do recommend switching the reminders so everything consistant.

Using Multiple Email Addresses with Clio

If you want to add an additional email address from which you’d like Clio to receive emails, you can simply add your new email address to your Maildrop email aliases list. Doing so allows you to send emails from both your login email and the new email address. To add another email address, do the following:  

1. Go to Settings:


2. Click on “Maildop Email Aliases” icon:

 3. Click the “Add” button:

 You can add as many email aliases as you like, as there is no limit!