Saying Goodbye (to Employees)

There comes a time when you must let employees go from your firm.

In Clio,  there are three basic steps to ensure that the former employee no longer has access to the firm’s Clio account.  Also, these steps make sure that  you will not be charged for having an extra account for a former employee.

1.  Right before you advise the employee that they are leaving, ask all other users in the firm to log out of Clio.  

Go to and at the bottom of the page you will see a link to “Sign out all users.”

Once you click on this then all logins will be signed out.  So if the former employee is logged in from home or on their iPad for example, it will sign them out:

2.  The above step will log you out as well, so log back in and go back to .  

On the far right of the employee’s entry, click on the icon with the red “X:”

3.  You will get a pop up asking you if you are sure you want to disable the User.  Click “Ok.”

Once you have completed the above steps, the employee will no longer be able to log into Clio.  Also you will not be charged for their access on the next billing cycle.  

It is advisable to disable the employee, using these steps,  before you advise them they will no longer be with the firm.  That way they are unable to modify any data once they are let go.

Other considerations:

Going forward:
Some firms, when they hire a new employee, will simply change the name of the old employee and use that login.  This could cause confusion, as Clio has built up an Audit Trail within the Firm Feed of everything the old employee has done.  If you hire a new employee, simply create a new user subscription for them.

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