Arizona Professional Rules and Cloud Computing

We recently partnered with the State Bar of Arizona to offer discounted accounts to Bar members.  This is part of Clio’s Bar Association Affinity Program.

To help lawyers in Arizona in considering a cloud-based practice management system, here is a quick review of Arizona’s Rules of Professional Conduct and how they apply to Clio.

The governing document is Arizona Ethics Opinion 09-04: Confidentiality; Maintaining Client Files; Electronic Storage; Internet.  

This opinion from the Arizona Committee on the Rules of Professional Conduct reviews the use of online file storage and retrieval systems and how they relate to the Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct 1.1 (Competence) and 1.6 (Confidentiality of Information).

Expounding on the duties set forth in a previous opinion, Ethics Op. 05-04: Electronic Storage, Confidentiality, the committee set several duties for lawyers using a cloud-based practice management solution.

  1. A lawyer must act in a competent and reasonable manner to assure that the information in the firm’s computer system is not disclosed through inadvertence or unauthorized action.
  2. A lawyer must take reasonable security precautions, which may include password protection schemes and use of encryption.
  3. A lawyer must take the necessary time and energy to become competent or alternatively consult available experts in the field.

In the example considered in the opinion, the Arizona lawyers use of SSL and several layers of password protection sufficiently met the duties imposed on the lawyer.

Clio helps Arizona lawyers meets these same duties.  We use 256-bit SSL encryption, bank-level SAS 70 Type II Certified security, and daily security audits of our servers by outside security experts, McAfee.  All of these security audits are available upon request to help complete our customers’ due diligence.

If you are an Arizona lawyer, rest assured that Clio is committed to helping you meet your professional responsibilities.

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