#ClioRewards Winners

Congratulations to Clio’s most recent Rewards Program winners!

Jeff Childers
ChildersLaw, LLC
Gainesville, FL

Daniel Norland
Norland Law Firm, LLC
La Crosse, WI

#ClioRewards: Daniel Norland


I actually chose to get the $500 Amazon Gift Card instead of the iPad. It made Christmas shopping this year pretty easy! 

Tell us a bit about your firm.

I run a solo practice firm with one full-time staff member. I practice in La Crosse, Wisconsin. My major focus is in criminal law and family law with a sprinkle of civil litigation thrown in the mix.

What is your favorite aspect of using Clio?

My favorite aspect of using Clio is the billing system. Using Clio makes it very easy to download and e-mail my monthly invoices or print and send them out by mail. I can do my time tracking and invoice printing all with the same program and this saves me time, which saves me money. This is the feature that first got me started on Clio, and is the first thing I mention to other solo practitioners who are looking for assistance in managing their practices.

The other thing that drew me to Clio was its affordability. Many solo practitioners, especially newer ones, cannot afford outrageous monthly costs or large upfront costs for other practice management software. Clio offers many of the same features at a fraction of the price.

Another feature I use often is the ability to pull up Clio on my phone browser. If I have a client running late to court I can pull their contact information up right from my phone and give them a phone call to see what’s going on.

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