First Impressions: A Perfect Fit for a Serious Goof

Coming out of University, looking towards my future, I had a growing sense of dread that I would have to ‘grow up’. The sort of ‘grow up’ where my dress code would be a shirt and tie, where I would be strapped to a desk 9-5, and slowly let my passions dull as I stared at spreadsheets all day.

But then I got an interview at Clio, for a position on their customer support team. One of the existing support staff sat in on that interview, and when they asked what I did with my free time, I admitted to being a rather dedicated nerd. He offered to recommend me to the big bosses right then and there if I would run a game of Shadowrun for him. That might be Greek to you, but to me, it was the moment I saw how awesome this company was.

 Most of the time, I take everything very seriously. But every now and then, I adore being a complete goof. I embrace being a total dork in front of everyone, and grinning so widely my jaw hurts. At Clio, I can do that. I can be helping a Clio user fix their login problems one minute, and then launch into a conversation with another support team member about this or that fictional universe and what we love about it.

So yes, I ended up in a cubicle, at a computer. I dress in buttoned up shirts, and keep my face clean shaven. But in these first few weeks at Clio, I have found a place where I can chat with almost anyone about what new video game I am playing. I have found a place where taking my work seriously is respected. I have been pretty busy, learning as much about Clio as I can, as quickly as I can, so that when I am asked by a Clio user about how a particular feature works, or what to do in Clio to get exactly the result they want; I can know right off the top of my head.


I am having a blast doing it.