Clio #currycookoff

As we continue to grow, we’ve noticed some hidden talents. One of those talents is cooking, and last week we decided to have a #currycookoff. 

The Competitors, left to right:


The Judges, left to right:

Each competitor cooked a curry dish. They varied in spiciness and ingredients, which made for wonderful smells throughout the office as they setup. It didn’t take long for coworkers to gather and begin to sample.

The curry dishes were judged based on the following criteria:

  1. Appearance
  2. Texture
  3. Taste

While the judges tasted and rated, the rest of us gathered round, dug in and did some of our sampling. They were all quite good, and a good mix of spicy and not-so-spicy dishes. And as the judges finished their tallies, votes were collected from the rest the employees.

In the end, Jack’s curry won the judges vote, and Simon’s curry won the employee vote. And there is nothing quite like good curry to enjoy with coworkers on a Friday afternoon, and a good way to close out a week.

So the question is: what cookoff should we do next?