Clio and Chrometa: Co-Hosted Webinar Thursday, May 3

Clio users may not be strangers to Chrometa since there has been a way to export time from Chrometa and import it into Clio. Thanks to the Clio Platform, using Chrometa and Clio is even easier.

On Thursday, May 3, learn how during our co-hosted webinar with Chrometa CEO and co-founder Brett Owens.

We’ll demonstrate the new and exciting API integration between Chrometa and Clio, helping better automate tracking and capturing your time. Since Chrometa runs in the background, it records your time on whatever you do, from opening and composing email, drafting a document, answering phones, conducting meetings or anything else you do during the day.

Learn how to capture time by using the Chrometa interface, and import all of that information directly into Clio at the click of a button, making easier to bill your clients in just a few clicks. This easy to use integration could help your firm manage your time tracking even more efficiently than ever before.