Clio included as Major Cloud Player in Bessemer Cloudscape

Last week, Bessemer Venture Partners published a chart of what it sees as major cloud players. Clio is included under the Vertical segment. Needless to say we’re pretty excited to be included, and in such excellent company. One thing that struck us though, looking over the complete chart, is the growth of the entire cloud computing landscape, not just Software-as-a-Service.

In “Bessemer Cloudscape: A map of the major cloud players,” recently published on GigaOM, Byron Deeter of Bessemer Venture Partners says:

Cloud computing is no longer at the leading edge of the software world, but rather from the perspective of a growth investor, entrepreneur, or technology buyer, cloud computing IS the modern software industry. This multi-billion dollar, high-growth segment of technology now encompasses hundreds of exciting companies, covering every major segment of the software ecosystem.

While the majority of cloud computing companies, including Clio, are Software-as-a-Service and cater to the end user, the areas of Platform-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service, are also growing. Cloud computing is maturing, and that looks like it’ll continue into 2012.