#cliotraining Tip: Attach Emails to Matters for Handy Reference

In our latest #goneclio profile, Paul “Woody” Scott mentioned “the code you can put into the emails so it can go right into the client matter” as being a real time saver, as well as his favorite feature. We reviewed how you can create a vcard for your global inbox, so today we’ll review how you can attach emails to specific Matters.

Each Matter has its own email address, and as such, you can attach emails to specific Matters. Here’s how:

  1. Under the Communications tab of the Matter, click the “(Email communications directly to this matter…)” link:
  2. Copy the email address that appears in the pop-up window. That is the Matter-specific email address.
  3. Paste the Matter-specific email address into the TO, CC or BCC field of your email message.
  4. Click “Send.”

And that’s it! You can respond to a client email, and use the Matter-specific code to attach the message to the Matter, or forward an email to the Matter-specific address so it’s easily accessible later. And now, when you go to the Communications tab of that particular Matter, you will see your email correspondence.

Remember, too, not share the Matter-specific email address, or else anyone can attach an email to the Matter.

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