#cliotraining Tip: Use a High-Res Image for Your Logo

We posted a #cliotraining tip earlier on using your firm logo with Clio’s bill themes to create professional-looking invoices. An important aspect of the bill theme is your firm logo, and to avoid a blurry-looking logo, its best to use a high resolution image of your logo.

The resolution of an image is determined by its pixel count, usually measured in pixels per inch (PPI), which is also sometimes called dots per inch (DPI).

While it’s tempted to simply right-click and “Save Image As” from your website, and then upload that to your bill theme, doing so means you’ll get an image like the one on the right: blurry.

Instead, you want to use a high resolution image, 300 PPI, so your logo is clear, like the image on the left. If you had a graphic designer to do you logo, chances are you have a high resolution version of your logo already. If you did your logo yourself, you can still create a high resolution image. You can do this by adjusting the Resolution of the original image file:

There are many online tutorials, like this post from PhotoshopEssentials, on how to adjust image size and resolution. A high resolution logo on your bills is a small yet important aspect of having professional-looking invoices.