#cliotraining Tip: Syncing with Outlook

In an earlier post, we reviewed Google Sync & Merging of Duplicates. While Google Apps and Gmail continue to make inroads into the business world, Microsoft Outlook remains preferred, if not dominate, business email workhorse.

And you can sync Clio with Outlook.

Calendar. Contacts. Tasks. You can sync them between Clio and Outlook. Before doing so, we recommend making a backup of your Outlook data since both your Outlook and Clio data will change. Once you’ve backed up, you’ll need to download Clio Sync for Outlook and then configure it.

It is important to note that you’ll want to setup Clio Sync for Outlook from the computer you want to sync.

Configuring Clio Sync for Outlook requires setting up the following:

The Transfer Method lets you choose how you want your data synced:

Applications are your Contacts, Calendar and Tasks while Auto Synchronization is how often you want a sync performed. The Date Range, by default, only goes back 90 days, but you can manually change that if you want to sync data older than 90 days.

Once you’ve setup Clio Sync for Outlook how you want, you are ready to sync. And then your PC will sync with Clio based on your Auto Synchronization setting.

For more detailed instructions, check out our Clio Sync for Outlook support page.

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