#cliotraining Tip: Create a Desktop Shortcut

In a previous post, we talked about moving around Clio quickly with tabbed browsing. Sometimes, there are just too many tabs open in a browser window, or multiple browser windows, it’s hard to find the one for Clio. So today, we’re going to walk you through creating a desktop shortcut to Clio.

You can create a desktop shortcut to Clio on a Mac or PC.

To create desktop shortcut to Clio on a PC, do the following:

And voila! A shortcut to Clio now sits on your desktop.

Keep in mind the steps for creating a shortcut to Clio on a PC may vary, depending on what version of Windows you are running. For more information, check our Support site.

To create a shortcut to Clio on a Mac, do the following:

Now there’s a shortcut to Clio on your Mac desktop.

It should be noted that the shortcut, on Mac or PC, will open in your default browser.

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