2010 ABA Journal Blawg 100 Highlights

The end of the year brings with it many things, like family gatherings, sledding or skiing and yes, awards. The ABA Journal’s Blawg 100 list is one of those awards, and we wanted to take blog post to point out a few.

If you’ve follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook, you’ve no doubt seen posts from 3 Geeks and a Law Blog. It covers any manner of topics related to the law, even law librarians, but we especially like its Elephant Posts, which poses a question each week and then posts responses, complete with the particular “perspective” of the commenter.

In the same category, lawbiz, there are a few others to note. We’ve tweeted and posted to Facebook links from all of them as they each offer something a little different, yet helpful or interesting, from the rest:

And since we’re “legal tech,” we often post from such ABA Journal Blawg 100 blawgs:

Though we aren’t a Mac-only application (we run on Windows, too), we do enjoy Josh Barrett’s Tablet Legal blawg, which offers some really helpful iPad tips and tricks, not to mention apps.

A blawg to keep an eye on, if you aren’t already, is Ron Friedmann’s Strategic Legal Technology. He’s found the pulse of the shifting legal landscape, and shares.

We’d like to congratulate everyone who was nominated this year, and good luck!