Law Students Get to Know Clio via Free Clio Educational Use Program

Vancouver, BC – December 9, 2010 – Vancouver-based Themis Solutions Inc., provider of cloud-based legal practice management offering Clio, is bringing real-world, practical legal technology skills to law students by providing Clio at no charge for educational use in law schools across North America. Since its inception, the Clio Educational Use Program has provided free Clio subscriptions to several law schools across the country, allowing them to use Clio in their classrooms and computer centers.

While law schools educate their students on the substance of law, they rarely teach students other important skills that they will need once they become lawyers, including technology usage. This disconnect is highly problematic as law school graduates leave schools largely unprepared for the practical side of running a practice.

Jack Newton, President and co-founder of Clio, states, “Law students are keen on getting exposure to practice management software during the course of their education, as they are increasingly aware that practice management is a skill they need the day they graduate. Because Clio is cloud-based, deploying it in the classroom is much easier than it was with traditional desktop-based systems: teachers can get their students up-and-running on Clio in minutes without needing to ask for support from IT. By making it easy to use a real-world practice management system in a classroom environment, we’re hoping more law students will be able to graduate with the knowledge of how to run an efficient and error-free law practice.”

Clio is currently implemented at the law schools such as Columbia, Georgia State University, CUNY, Loyola, Widener, Indiana State, Texas Tech, and Portland Community College. In some instances, students at these schools are afforded the unprecedented opportunity to simulate managing an active caseload like a practicing lawyer would.

For example, Clark Cunningham, Director of the National Institute for Teaching Ethics and Professionalism and the W. Lee Burge Professor of Law and Ethics at Georgia State University College of Law, introduced Clio to his law students with distinctive success. Over two-thirds of the students surveyed after the completion of the course rated the use of Clio as helpful or very helpful. Cunningham notes, “Clio is web-based so the students could access it from anywhere. We wanted to simulate a real-world law firm experience for our students so they could familiarize themselves with new technology. As a result, they will graduate better prepared for the challenges of running a law practice.”

According to Jonathan Call, one of Cunningham’s students, “Clio is great. I think it should be a requirement for every law student to use some kind of practice management software before graduation. It is a key skill that every lawyer needs and is incredibly useful.”

LegalTalk Network’s Kennedy-Mighell Report recently published a podcast online entitled “Integrating Practice Management Tools in Law School” which featured Newton, Cunningham and Call as well as legal case management expert Andy Adkins, who recently left University of Florida’s Levin College of Law and still runs the Legal Technology Institute.

As law schools realize the necessity of educating their students in practical as well as substantive legal skills, Clio is there to help. For more information about the free Clio Educational Use Program, e-mail

About Clio and Themis Solutions
Clio, a comprehensive web-based practice management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, is specifically designed for solo practitioners and small law firms using PCs and Macs. It can be accessed from any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device. Secure and easy-to-use, Clio provides case/matter management, time tracking, billing/reporting, client contact and document management, task scheduling, trust accounting, and performance metrics for independent lawyers to benchmark their business goals. In addition, Clio includes Clio Connect, a secure portal for document sharing and collaboration with clients, and Clio Express, an offline time capture application.

Clio’s parent company, Themis Solutions Inc., is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company was founded by Jack Newton and Rian Gauvreau. Visit, e-mail, call 1-888-858-CLIO or follow on Twitter @goclio.