#cliotraining Tip: Move around Clio Quickly with Tabbed Browsing

Chances are, you use tabbed browsing already. You have your browser window open, and you may have a few websites open in that one window, like your Web-based email, a news site like CNN and perhaps your RSS reader. Tabbed browsing simply lets you open multiple websites in one browser window.

You can use tabbed browsing with Clio, too, so you can quickly move from one area to another and not have to back track.

So, for example, say you use Matters and Calendar ever day but are tired of having to move away from one to view the other only to go back again. Using tabbed browsing, you can keep both open at the same time, and simply click between the two tabs. This also helps keep the information in front of you.

To do this, first log into Clio. Then hover over the Calendar tab and “right click” to show a list of options. Select “Open in New Tab” and the Calendar will open next to your Clio start page.

Do the same for Matters, and you’ll see tabs similar to this:

Now you can easily access your Calendar and your Matters without having to move away from one to access the other. And if you use other aspects of Clio on a regular basis, you can repeat the steps to open those items in  other tabs, too.

Be sure to check out our Tabbed Browsing Support page for more information, and to learn more about tabbed browsing in the different browsers, like FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari.