MILOfest Wrapup and Clio Meetup Pics #MILOfest #cliomeetup

This past weekend we were at #MILOfest (Macs in Law Offices), and we wanted to take a minute and thank Victor Medina who put on another excellent conference.

It was a pleasure to be part of the conference, both as a vendor and a speaker.Our President and co-founder, Jack Newton, revealed some of our Apple in Law Firms Survey results (look for the full results later today), and presented on “Putting Your Law Practice in the Clouds,” which involved a demonstration of purchasing a domain name and setting up Google Apps for Your Domain as well as some tips on using Dropbox, Clio, and other cloud-based apps.

Other presentations included:


We also had the pleasure of hosting a meetup on Friday at the Laguna Bar after the last session. We had an excellent turnout, and it was a pleasure to get to know some MILOfest attendees a little better and reconnect with some current users.