#cliotraining Tuesday Tip: The ‘More’ Tab in Billing

Today’s training webinar is Billing: Beyond the Basics, and our tip is: Use the “More” tab in the Open and Billing History screens to quickly find the bill you need.

The “More” button is found on every page, and is particularly useful for Billing. Whether you’re trying to find a specific Open bill, or tracking down an old one because a client has a question, the “More” button makes it easy to find exactly which bill you need.

The “More” button is located on the right-hand side of the Billing screen:


Click the “More” button to display search features:


Now, instead of scrolling through a long list of Bills, you can just search for the specific Bill you need. When you’re done, you can click the button again, which now says “Less,” and the search functions disappear. Give it a try, and tell us what you think.