User Review Spotlight: Ana Pierro Reviews Clio

Previous User Review Spotlights have come from practicing attorneys using Clio, like Aaron Hall, Jason MolderBrian Powers, and Brian Pedigo. Today we’re pleased to showcase a user review from a paralegal.

Ana Pierro is a senior paralegal with over 15 years of experience in a number of areas, including: insurance defense, plaintiff’s personal injury and product liability, asbestos litigation, securities litigation, compliance, regulatory work and more recently government affairs. She also has a blog, The Paralegal, and she recently posted a review of Clio.

She writes that Clio

did not require me to download anything onto my computer, which can take up a lot of memory.

Being that Clio is a web-based application the only thing you need in order to access this practice management system is an Internet connection. As a paralegal that is always on the “go” this is an important aspect of any practice management I choose. I like to know that no matter where I am, as long as I have an Internet connection I am able to access my calendar, my billing, my to do lists and any documents I need on the go.

One of the more interesting uses she has found for Clio is as a “diary” for phone conversations she has with clients. She explains:

There is a communications tab that allows you to record phone call notes.  The way I used it was more like a “diary.”  If a client called wanting to know what was going on in his/her particular case, all I had to do was open up communication under a particular client I had a “history” of the case in front of me and was better able to discuss it with the client without having to dig up the actual folder on my computer or even have to look up the actual paper file (which I still keep.  Trying to get out of that habit).

Not only can paralegals like Ana access information from anywhere using Clio, but they can keep records of phone conversations at the ready which can help enhance customer service.

You can read her complete review here: Clio: Practice Management at your Fingertips. And if you’re a Clio user and would like to write a review, we’d be happy to highlight your review on this blog – just let us know about your review by e-mail at or via Twitter at @goclio.