Clio Announces Google Apps Integration, Joins Google Apps Marketplace


Today we’re pleased to announce with Google a deep integration between Clio and Google Apps.  Tighter integration with Google Apps has been something our users have been asking for an on increasingly frequent basis, and we’re happy to address that demand with today’s announcement.

The integration has three major components:

Let’s take more in-depth tour of what the integration means for users. First of all, Clio now offers bidirectional sync for both contacts and calendars with Google Apps. This means that changes or updates you make to your contacts or calendars in Clio will automatically be synced to Google and vice-versa. You can see a screenshot of the calendar sync functioning below:


Clio’s recently-released e-mail integration also works seamlessly with Google Apps’ Gmail for Business. E-mails can be easily linked to matters or contacts via Clio’s “e-mail dropbox” functionality.

Clio has also become the first legal application to join the Google Apps Marketplace. The Google Apps Marketplace makes it easy for Google Apps administrators to install new applications into their domains. We’ve also streamlined signing onto Google Apps and Clio with what’s called ”Single Sign-On”. Single Sign-On means you only need to sign in once to access both Google Apps and Clio. Additionally, Clio has been incorporated into the Google Apps universal navigation bar, meaning Clio is only a click away any time you’re using Google Apps:


We’re extremely excited to announce this deep integration with Google Apps. To add Clio to your Google Apps domain, simply visit Clio’s Google Apps Marketplace listing.