1 Month and 10,000 E-mails Later: A Tour of Clio’s E-mail Integration

Just over a month ago at the 2010 ABA TechShow, we announced e-mail integration for Clio. Clio’s e-mail integration makes it easy for your entire firm – regardless of which e-mail program they’re using – to use Clio as a central e-mail and communication repository.

We accomplish this by making a designated “e-mail dropbox” address available for each of your matters. You can BCC or forward any e-mail correspondence for a given matter to its special dropbox e-mail address, and Clio will automatically parse the e-mail, attach it to the appropriate e-mail, and extract and attach any documents to  Clio’s document management system. Clio’s e-mail dropbox system is like having a full-time virtual assistant reading and filing every e-mail your firm sends.

Yesterday we passed an incredible threshold – after just one month of being live, Clio’s e-mail integration feature has processed over 10,000 e-mails from Clio users. E-mail integration is certainly one of our most eagerly-adopted features, and we’re thrilled our users are deriving so much utility from it. If you’re interested in seeing a bit more about how Clio’s e-mail integration works, we’ve put together the following tour of the feature:

E-mail Integration from Clio on Vimeo.