North Carolina State Bar Issues Proposed Formal Ethics Option on Use of Cloud Computing to Manage a Law Practice

Vancouver, BC – April 29, 2010 – Vancouver-based Themis Solutions Inc., provider of Web-based legal practice management offering Clio, is pleased to announce that the North Carolina State Bar, the first Bar Association in North America to study the ethics of using cloud computing or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in a law firm, has finished drafting its proposed Formal Ethics Opinion regarding the use of cloud computing in a law office.

In its proposed Formal Ethics Opinion, the North Carolina State Bar deemed that SaaS is indeed ethical if “reasonable care is taken effectively to minimize the risks to the confidentiality and to the security of client information and client files.”  Additionally, the NC State Bar outlined a list of 23 questions for its members to consider and ask of SaaS providers before choosing one.

Jack Newton, president and co-founder of Clio, said, “We are thrilled to see such a well-informed, balanced and insightful proposed Ethics Opinion from the North Carolina Bar.  Many North Carolina lawyers use Clio and other cloud-based systems, and we hope that this opinion will convince more lawyers that a properly secured cloud computing provider can be one of the safest ways to store client data.”

Asheville, NC Attorney Sara Hanley, partner at Place & Hanley, noted in her recent North Carolina Lawyers Weekly article published on April 12, 2010, “Cloud computing offers a way of storing and accessing case and client information in a secure manner that is convenient and valuable for lawyers and their clients. Given the appropriate level of due diligence, cloud-computing providers that adhere to a reasonable standard of care should be afforded the same trust as the wealth of other service providers and third parties we all depend upon on a day-to-day basis.”

The Proposed Ethics Opinion will be published for comment in the next issue of the North Carolina Bar Journal, and published as a final opinion once comments have been received and addressed.  The opinion can also be accessed on the Clio blog via

About Clio and Themis Solutions
Clio, a comprehensive web-based practice management SaaS product, is specifically designed for solo practitioners and small law firms using PCs and Macs.  It can be accessed from any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device.

Secure and easy-to-use, Clio provides case/matter management, time tracking, billing/reporting, client contact and document management, task scheduling, trust accounting, and performance metrics for independent lawyers to benchmark their business goals.  In addition, Clio includes Clio Connect, a secure portal for document sharing and collaboration with clients, and Clio Express, an offline time capture application.

At LegalTech in February 2010, Clio accepted a Law Technology News LTN Award for excellence in practice management software, a prestigious honor determined by the votes of LTN’s subscribers.

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