Results from Clio’s Second Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

We’ve just wrapped up tabulating results from our 2009 Customer Satisfaction Survey. This annual survey is one of the most important methods we have for gathering information on two key questions we’re always asking ourselves: are our users thrilled with Clio and what would our users like us to add to Clio over the coming year?

While we gather information from our users every single day through our toll-free support and suggestion line and our integrated feedback system, this annual survey is a more structured, formal way for us to gather feedback from our ever-growing customer base. We’re proud to share some of the highlights of the survey here.

Would you Recommend Clio to Others?

This is perhaps the most important question we ask in the survey, as it reflects a user’s overall satisfaction with a product better than any other single question. We’re thrilled with the response we received to this question: over 95% of our users would recommend Clio to others.

How did you Find Out About Clio?

In contrast to our 2008 Customer Satisfaction Survey, this year most of our users found out about us via recommendations and word-of-mouth, whereas last year most of our users found us via Google searches and blogs. We suspect that as our user base grows, word-of-mouth and personal recommendations will continue to be significant drivers of new users to Clio.

We’re pleased to see many of our users are happy enough with Clio to recommend it to their colleagues. Lawyers are also great for letting their colleagues and friends know when they’ve found something that makes their lives easier, so thank-you for spreading the word about Clio!

What Practice Management System (if any) did you use Prior to Clio?

The vast majority of users upgrading to Clio from an existing practice management system used either Time Matters or Amicus Attorney. A smaller percentage of users were migrating from PCLaw, TimeSlips, and Practice Master.

How Would you Rate Clio’s Ease-of-Use and Intuitiveness?

We try hard to make Clio an intuitive, easy-to-use product, and over 90% of survey respondents were either “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied” with Clio’s ease-of-use.

What Areas of Law do you Specialize in?

In our 2008 Customer Satisfaction Survey we found that Clio users were biased somewhat to practice areas such as civil litigation, criminal law, family law, and wills & estates. In the past year we’ve seen Clio’s user base diversify substantially, as we’ve seen significant growth in practice areas including bankruptcy (sadly, perhaps a sign of the times), commercial, real estate, corporate, criminal, personal injury and intellectual property law.

Winners of a $100 Gift Certificate

We thank all the Clio users that took the time to answer our survey, and we’ve randomly selected three respondents as winners of a $100 gift certificate. Congratulations to Georgiana Stewart, Susan Schmitt-Creech, and Jennifer Green!