Jack Newton Speaking on Ethics of Cloud Computing at LegalIT 4.0

Clio’s co-founder Jack Newton will be speaking on “The Ethics of Cloud Computing” at this week’s LegalIT 4.0 in Montreal. LegalIT is Canada’s largest legal technology conference, and is hosting speakers from across Canada and the US. Jack’s talk will cover the basics of cloud computing and explore the latest developments in the ethics of cloud computing, including the North Carolina’s recent Proposed Formal Ethics Opinion approving the use of cloud computing in law offices.

Other speakers at this year’s LegalIT include Craig Ball, Dominic Jarr, and Connie Crosby. LegalIT is also lucky to have Ben Stevens – AKA “The Mac Lawyer” – speaking on a range of topics related to Macs and iPhones in law offices. We’ve also learned this is Ben’s inaugural visit to Canada – welcome Ben!