Thrilled to be in Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics

Vancouver 2010 Olympic GamesSince the spectacular opening ceremonies that kicked off the games almost a week ago, we’ve been bursting with hometown pride over what has been a thoroughly electric week for Vancouver. Despite a few false starts, and some unfortunately uncooperative weather, its thrilling to see over six years of eager preparatory effort culminate in an event that has Vancouver buzzing with energy, and the whole world watching.

When we’re not glued to the TV tracking outcomes of sports we know almost nothing about, a few of use have been seen taking in the innumerable festivities, pavilions, and Olympic sites sprawling throughout the city. The city of Vancouver and all of Canada is proud to have ¬†an Olympian event in our own backyard.

We hope all of our sporting followers are enjoying the games as much as we are, and wish everyone’s athletes the best of luck at the podium.