You Should Join Clio’s New Facebook Page – Powered by JDSupra

fbYes, today Apple is launching their much talked-about tablet. The other big news of the day? We’re launching the official Clio Facebook page!

Over the past year we’ve been hearing an increasing number of our customers asking us “hey, hey, where’s your Facebook page – I want to become a fan!” – and we’ve listened. Today we’re launching the Clio Facebook page as a home base to build a growing community and fanbase. Become a fan and get the latest news on Clio, announcements of upcoming webinars and training events, and special offers available only to our Facebook fans.

We’re also proud to be showcasing the latest Facebook applications and technology developed by the great folks over at JD Supra. The Clio Facebook page:

Over the years JD Supra has built up a tremendous expertise in the use of Facebook for legal professionals, and we’re extremely happy to be launching the Clio Facebook page with JD Supra’s leading-edge technology and expertise. Aviva Cuyler, JD Supra’s founder, comments:

As a legal content distributor, we’ve been building our own pages on Facebook – and now we are turning that skill set (for custom apps) and knowledge base (how to make the most of Facebook) into a product offering for legal professionals. We’re proud to have created Clio’s page – we see, daily, Facebook’s amazing ability to facilitate meaningful connections between firms and the people they want to reach through the viral spread of information.

We encourage you to become a fan of Clio’s Facebook page and, if you haven’t already created one for your firm, perhaps you should start thinking about it.