Join Clio at MILOfest

Jack Newton, Clio’s co-founder, will be speaking on 10 Things Every Lawyer Should Know About Software-as-a-Service at the inaugural MILOfest.

What is MILOfest? From the MILOfest website:

MILOfest is a conference for Mac-Lovin’ Lawyers and their families.

Conceived from a couple of years of successful Mac attorney conferences, MILOfest provides lawyers with practical information for use in their practice. Our goal is to put on the rockin’est conference spotlighting the most cutting-edge uses of Mac computers and software in the practice of law. MILOfest is designed to be relevant to experienced users as well as novices (and wanna bes – we love prospective converts).

If you’re a Mac-using lawyer an not already part of the Macs In Law Offices mailing list, join today. It’s an invaluable resource that covers everything from Apple’s latest hardware updates to legal-specific desktop- and web-based offerings for lawyers.

We’re big fans of Macs at Clio – over half of our development team uses Macs as their primary operating system (we’ve also got Linux and Windows developers), and we’re pumped to be spending a few days in close quarters with other Mac fans.

MILOfest will obviously be attended by the “converted”, but we also hope it will serve as an event that Mac-curious attorneys will attend to investigate Macs as an alternative to Windows. The ever-expanding capabilities of Software-as-a-Service has only helped strengthen Macs as a legitimate alternative as a law office’s operating system. See, for example, Catherine Merino Reisman’s piece on how Clio Serves a Mac User Well on

We’re also looking forward to meeting some of our users from Florida and beyond in person. If you’re not attending MILOfest but are reasonably close to Orlando, drop Jack a line and let him know you’re interested in meeting up – he’d love to take you out for a coffee or beer and listen to what you love about Clio and – more importantly – what direction you’d like to see us go in the future.