Effectively Managing Your Practice Online by Leveraging Technology

North Carolina Lawyer’s Weekly has recently published a case study highlighting the Law Offices of Place & Hanley, a firm that is leveraging Clio to manage their practice and to deliver superior service to their clients.

Sara Hanley, a partner in the firm, outlines the approach she and her partner, Randall Place, have to delivering better and more efficient service by leveraging technology:

Not only do Randall and I strive to meet the legal needs of our clients, but we must also run the office and manage our employees. Between e-mail, document-processing and the need for frequent remote access, technology has become a necessary part of our daily work. Therefore, we are always looking for ways to build efficiency and increase productivity by implementing technology and legal software applications.

With offices in North Carolina, West Palm Beach, and North Fort Myers, Place & Hanley not only faced all the typical practice management challenges, but also had to deal with a geographically distributed firm. Their search for an ideal technology solution led them to consider web-based alternatives, and ultimately to Clio:

The keystone of our technology is a Web-based practice management system called Clio, which is developed by Themis Solutions Inc., a Canadian software company.

We discovered Clio in late 2008 while looking for a Web-based solution that could support the demanding requirements of our practice. Within minutes of activating our trial account, our entire firm was up and using the software with relative ease, storing contacts, case information, appointments and documents.

Time entry is simple, which was a welcome change from the cumbersome manual methods we had been using. And, where it used to take us three to four days to generate our bills, with Clio the whole process takes less than two hours — clearly a significant return-on-investment and a huge gain in terms of time that is now available to assist clients.

Best of all, regardless of where I am, provided I have my laptop, I can access Clio and work as effectively as if I were sitting at my desk.

The full article PDF is available for your viewing here and on the Clio JD Supra site. The article  is a worthy read for any lawyer considering how technology can help make them more efficient and streamlined.