2009 ABA Legal Technology Survey: 22% of Solos using Software-as-a-Service

The first two volumes of the 2009 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report, Technology Basics (Vol. 1) and Law Office Technology (Vol. 2), are now available for purchase.

Of particular note is the substantial increase in the number of respondents using Software-as-a-Service. 16% of respondents indicated they have used a Software-as-a-Service application, compared with just 13% in the 2008 survey (a 23% increase).

Adoption of Software-as-a-Service among solos was especially strong, with 22% of solo respondents reporting usage of SaaS applications, an increase of over 57% over 2008′s 14% usage rate.

Other highlights from the 2009 ABA Legal Technology Survey:

The findings of the six volume ABA Legal Technology Survey will be published serially; Technology Basics (formerly Baseline and Budgets) (May), Law Office Technology (May), Litigation and Courtroom Technology (June), Web and Communication Technology (June), Online Research (July) and Mobile Lawyers (July).