Announcing Client Collaboration and Online Bill Paying: Clio Connect

Today at New York LegalTech 2009 (Feb. 2-4), we’re proud to unveil Clio Connect, a secure web-based portal for online document sharing, client collaboration, and online bill paying. Clio Connect will be available to all users of Clio at no additional charge.

Clio Connect works seamlessly as a value-added feature of the main Clio system. It allows Clio users to share information and collaborate with clients through an easy-to-use online interface. Clio Connect will also enable online bill-paying for the attorney’s clients. Attorneys simply send their clients a link to an outstanding invoice, and the client can easily pay the invoice via PayPal or other online payment systems.

Highly secure, Clio Connect is password-protected so only authorized parties, namely Clio users and their clients, can access sensitive client information. This means that, rather than managing large quantities of non-secure e-mail, lawyers can leverage Clio’s bank-grade security technology to safely share information and collaborate on key aspects of a case.

Clio Connect Highlights

Document Sharing and Collaboration with Clients. Clio Connect allows attorneys to give clients password-protected access to documents, and to collaborate on revising documents. The following information can be shared using Clio Connect:

Online Bill Paying. Attorney can use the Clio Connect e-mail system to send clients links to outstanding invoices. Clients can then use online applications such as PayPal to remit payment.

Rigid Security and Password Protection:. Clio Connect is highly secure, incorporating leading edge security and encryption tools to protect communications and sensitive client information. Client documents and data are safely stored and accessed within Clio Connect’s easy-to-use interface.

Specifications and Pricing
Clio and Clio Connect are operating system-independent and can run on PC, Macintosh and Linux computers. Both systems support Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and 3.0, Safari 3.0 and Google Chrome.

Clio is affordably priced by monthly subscription, and Clio Connect access is included in Clio’s subscription fee. Pricing is $49/month for lawyers and $25/month per support staff member. This cost includes all technical support, maintenance and upgrades.