“Clio Serves a Mac User Well” – Law.com Review by Catherine Merino Reisman

Law.com has just published a review of Clio written by a happy Clio user: Catherine Merino Reisman of Reisman Carolla LLP. Catherine was one of our early beta users, and helped us shape our early iterations into what Clio is today. From the review:

I truly feel that Clio is the perfect solution for me. It allows me to keep all my information in one place, and to access it from any Internet-ready computer, wherever I go. Themis provides fast technical support — I feel like I’m getting an outsourced IT department plus the functionality and accessibility that I need for one monthly subscription cost.

Overall, Clio allows me to wear all of my hats more easily, so I can spend more time on substantive work and operate my busy practice from home or the road as needed. I would recommend Clio to any solo practitioner or small firm attorney looking to be better organized, more efficient and more effective at running a legal practice. Solos, small firms and Mac users, having long been underserved by the legal technology market, now have Clio as a viable alternative to consider.

Thanks for the terrific review Catherine! We encourage you to read the entire review here.