Canadian Lawyer Clio Review

Gerry Blackwell’s recent piece entitiled “Small Firms Need to Shape Up”, published in the November/December issue of Canadian Lawyer, sends a strong message advocating the use of electronic practice management tools: “listen up small firms and sole practitioners: if you don’t already use a computer-based practice management system, start now”.

In his article, Gerry reviews Clio as one of the potential computer-based practice management tools that can help streamline a solo or small firm’s practice:

Clio aims for simplicity and ease of use – and succeeds admirably. Plus it offers the advantages of software as a service: security, reduced capital and IT management costs, operating system agnosticism (it works on Macs and Linux machines too), and universal accessibility.

Unfortunately Canadian Lawyer does not offer a free electronic edition of their publication, but we encourage you to pick up a print copy and read Gerry’s thought-provoking article in its entirety.